Жишээ тэстүүд

30 330 720
2 10


In the sample, one of Gennady's possible optimal strategies is as follows. At 18:10 (6:10 PM) he begins to write the first problem and solves it in 30 minutes (18:40 or 6.40 P.M.). At 18:40 (6.40 P.M.) he begins to write the second problem. There are 320 minutes left before the New Year, so Gennady does not have the time to finish writing the second problem before the New Year. At 0:00 (12.00 A.M.) he distracts from the second problem, submits the first one, and returns immediately to writing the second problem. At 0:10 (0.10 A.M.), he completes the solution for the second problem, submits it and gets 10 minute penalty time. Note that as the total duration of the contest is 720 minutes and Gennady has already spent 10 minutes on reading the problems, he will not have time to solve the third problem during the contest. Yes, such problems happen to exist.

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